Month: March 2022

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

“That which gets measured gets managed.” This is a very famous quote by business and management expert, Peter Drucker. The quote has always been attributed to business success and ensuring things are getting done correctly and according to the process. However, when CrossFit came around, this quote started getting thrown around quite a bit more…

Long Live the Handstand

A hallmark of CrossFit is variance as you all know. Variance in terms of everything: how long the workout is, how much weight is used in the workout, the time of day you complete the workout, and of course, the movements. We constantly want to be changing the type of movements we see in workouts….

Compare Back

I love the Beyond The Whiteboard app. I think it’s just a great tool for recording workouts. Tracking progress has always been a huge hallmark and one could even argue the pillar of which CrossFit is built. Long ago, Coach Glassman used to say, “I’m not sure if this way of exercising is the best…