Group Sessions

The heart of CrossFit is the community. Our group sessions range anywhere from 2-10 people in a session. The sessions are taught by a certified trainer/coach and offer a welcoming, encouraging environment for members to thrive in. We believe that the group environment of training forges a strong bond among participants, as well as creates the ultimate stimulus for the intensity that delivers results! The membership rates on the home page cover all of our group session prices that allow for UNLIMITED membership.

Crossfit Group Classes.

Nutrition Coaching & Accountability

Food can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Food certainly matters when it comes to feeling your best and living your best life. We provide nutrition coaching, meal planning, and accountability that will help you customize what you eat so that the changes you make are sustainable, create results, and work the best for YOU.

Crossfit Rowing Machine

Personal Training

Our personal training sessions provide one-on-one training to help guide you through an hour of strength, skill, and form. You may select what movements/areas you would like to focus on or you can opt for your trainer to select the focus of the session. Your coach will develop a programmed hour of training for you that will allow you to improve on what you desire, whether it’s weightlifting, speed, bodyweight movements, endurance, mobility, or a combination of these. We will support you in achieving the results you desire in a 1:1 ratio session! It’s an amazing opportunity for those a-ha moments to happen! These sessions can be scheduled in one-hour, 45 minute, or half-hour sessions, by appointment ONLY.

One on One Training Sessions

We also provide skill sessions, a 30-minute one-on-one training that focuses on a skill that you specifically want to improve. If you’re trying to perfect that lift, finally get that double under, or learn strength drills for the pull-up (those are just a few examples), the skill session will allow your coach to train you to that one-specific movement or skill for the entirety of the half-hour. Skill sessions are $45/half hour.

Barbell Club

Barbell Club

CrossFit Virilis Barbell Club is our specialty class for those who either love lifting, barbell work, and strength training OR those who are wanting to really get in tune with their form – or both! CFV Barbell Club is coached by USAW- Level 1 certified Coach Stef. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, Barbell Club is a fun and intentional session in which Stef coaches and trains members to perfect form, increase gains, or just have fun doing what they find joy in. From Olympic lifting to squats and presses, you’ll improve here.

Interested in lifting heavier or better? Contact us about Barbell Club to learn more and get signed up.

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics is at the heart of strength development, body control and awareness, and the understanding of technique and skill. We love to coach all of these things and help you transition them into your every day lives. And, well, we also just enjoy teaching new, fun tricks that you can add to your repertoire of fitness.

We offer CFV Gymnastics Club on the first & third Saturday of each month, and we would love to have you join us for this specialty course – whether you have specific goals in mind or just want to learn and have some fun. Contact us to get started with our Gymnastics Club.