Tanya Sammis


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate

Tanya holds the title of co-owner, alongside her amazing business partner and best bud, Jobie, and also happily serves the role of coach.

She began her health, fitness, and nutrition journey with CrossFit in 2013. After some hesitancy about CrossFit “not being for her,” she quickly realized that, in fact, fitness is for everyone – and CrossFit is infinitely scalable to any and every human, whether you’re 15, 35, or 70, whether have never worked out a day in your life or work out every day. Realizing these things through her own experience inspired her to speak encouragement and motivation into the lives of others so they can realize the strength they have within, move the way they are supposed to move, and live life the way they were meant to live – with greatness!

Tanya was an Army brat growing up, but planted herself in San Antonio. She also co-owns a PR agency, Sammis|Ochoa, where she shares impactful stories with the world.

She loves the Lord, she loves her family, and she loves to lift. Overhead squats are her favorite, and due to her time spent in Jump Rope Club in elementary school, she’s also a big fan of double unders. She enjoys baking (Paleo), but is also extremely keen on her nutrition, for we all know that abs are made in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym. She knows nutrition and fitness saves lives. Because it certainly saved hers. And she’ll do everything she can to inspire you to realize that it can save yours, too.