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I love the Beyond The Whiteboard app. I think it’s just a great tool for recording workouts. Tracking progress has always been a huge hallmark and one could even argue the pillar of which CrossFit is built. Long ago, Coach Glassman used to say, “I’m not sure if this way of exercising is the best way, but if you think you have a better way, show me the data.” Measurable, observable, repeatable. How do you know you’re getting fitter if you have zero metrics to prove it? 

This isn’t a blog about recording data and why it’s important though; it’s a blog about why we rely on social media or society in general to judge ourselves and our efforts. We very rarely, if ever, compare ourselves to someone who is maybe our same age, but not nearly as fit. We always look to social media and others in society who look better and can do more. 

I’m sure many of you know that I’ve done most of the workouts we do in the gym. I’ve been following the main site workout since late 2013. I will ROUTINELY check my previous effort for whatever workout we’re doing that day. I don’t care if I beat my time by ONE second; I’m always pleased with my effort if I do better. I don’t care if Rich Froning did this workout 5 minutes faster than I did. I don’t care if he did it with 50 more pounds on the barbell. I just want to improve on my previous effort. 

Think about what you looked like when you first walked into the gym. Think about what you were able to do when you first walked in. So often we build a new capacity only to talk ourselves down with a – “Well, I scaled it.” So, what? Could the version of you from six months ago do that? No. 

Be proud of your efforts. You worked hard for them. The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you saw in the mirror six months ago. If you aren’t familiar with Julie Foucher, you should look her up on Instagram. And, no, not because she’s so fit or anything like that. She has this tradition of posting a video of herself doing a clean when she first walked into a CrossFit gym; she posts it every year on her CrossFit anniversary. I strongly recommend you look it up and provide yourself with some perspective.  



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