Month: May 2022

More Reps, More Weight

One of my favorite workouts to ever come up on the main site is a lifting day. I know you all must be shocked. Yes, it’s true, I don’t much enjoy lifting days. I’m not fond of actually doing the workout, in particular, but rather the message it conveys is what makes it my favorite….

Gotta Pick Three

This past Saturday, the 5K run was programmed. For those of you who don’t know, we get our workouts through CrossFit’s main site with some exceptions here and there. The 5K run is the MOST heavily programmed workout in the history of the main site. There have been workouts there every day, three days on…

What are Functional Movements?

I remember back in about 2007-ish when functional movements were starting to become all the rage in the fitness industry. The crazy thing was NO ONE stopped to ask, “What exactly is a functional movement?” The thought seemed to basically see it as doing something in the gym that just wasn’t a traditional gym movement….

Why the Snatch?

I’ve heard over and over from folks in the community who ask why do we have to snatch? We all know there’s never going to be a moment in real life where I’m going to have to take an object from the floor and get it overhead in one swift motion. It’s rarely, if ever,…