Haley Morrone


CrossFit Level 1 certificate, CrossFit Level 2 certificate, 500 hour certified Yoga teacher, Precision Nutrition Level 1, B.A. Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Haley is originally from Reading, PA but has happily made her home in Schertz since 2016.

In 2014, while living in Germany, Haley was at her lowest in regard to quality of life.  Struggling with her health, asthma, and weight since she was young, she decided to make the commitment to try CrossFit, and it saved her life.  What began as another attempt to lose weight, after trying every fad diet and exercise trend quickly unfolded into this journey of true transformation, internally and externally.  She was able to lose and maintain a 100-pound weight loss, but what she loves most about CrossFit is leaning into the uncomfortable hard parts is where you find the most growth. That could mean getting stronger, working on a specific skill, or building confidence by proving yourself right, that you can do it. All while, having a support system, a coach, and a community that wants you to win.

A couple years into her own CrossFit journey, Haley realized the passion she had for sharing her story to inspire and empower others to fight for their health and quality of life. Haley loves overhead squats, splits, being upside down, and anything related to mobility!

When Haley isn’t in the gym, she is usually thinking about the gym, or CrossFit related things.