CFV KidFit Camp!

KIDFIT CAMP is coming! 

We’ll be back for our fourth annual KidFit Camp from Monday, July 13 – Friday, July 17. The KidFit camp is most suitable for ages 6-12. During camp, which will be held each day from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., Coaches Stef and Tanya will take the kids through the great fun that we all know and love as functional fitness.

We’ll also provide snacky meals and lessons on nutrition that will apply to the kiddos so they can drop knowledge bombs on their parents.

We encourage you to sign your kids up, and if you don’t have children, please feel free to share this with someone who does. We know many camps were cancelled this summer, so we’re happy to still be able to offer ours. You can sign your child up here to reserve their spot. We’ll also include a shareable link on Facebook, so be on the lookout if you’d like to share with friends!

Register Today by Clicking the Link Below!

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Jobim & Tanya Crossfit Virilis

Jobie Zapico & Tanya Sammis

Co-owners of CrossFit Virilis

Jobie hails from the Valley and loves coaching people to their a-ha moments. He has coached CrossFit for his entire professional career ~ 9 years and going strong! He studied Exercise & Sports Science at Texas State University and has enjoyed can explain nutrition, food, and fitness with the best of them in order to create and coach sustainable changes for members, young and old.

Tanya has been coaching CrossFit for three years and jumped into her own fitness experience in 2013, when she thought she was fit, but realized that the layers of fluff she had been growing had been holding her back from true fitness. She loves coaching, because it enables her to take that transformational experience and pass it on to others through the gift of fitness and food.