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I don’t have data in front of me so this is just speculation, but based on conversations we’ve had with other gym owners in the community, our programming is unique. Where do we get our programming? or “The Main Site” as the OGs call it has been putting out a workout for the day, 3 days on, 1 day off, every day since 2001. That’s right. One workout a day, usually, for 20 years. 

Many CrossFit gym owners write the programming themselves OR they outsource it to one of the hundreds of programs out there. There is no right or wrong answer to programming. Ultimately, the most important factors are: is the athlete hitting the workouts with the appropriate intensity, is there variance? 

I would say most CrossFit gyms do a really good job of ensuring these things are happening. So, what is so different about the main site? My love for the main site, as both a coach and athlete, began back in 2013. I think the greatest thing ANY human being can do to learn about what REAL health and fitness is, is follow the zone diet with whole foods 100% (no cheat meals whatsoever) and do the workout of the day on the main site for 30 days without missing. I did this back in early 2014. I can tell you, that without question, I got fitter. I was as lean as I have EVER been in my entire life. I don’t know for sure but I would bet serious money that my body fat percentage got all the way down to roughly 5%. I played sports and exercised RIGOROUSLY in high school. I doubt I EVER got under 12% body fat in high school. 

The main site pulls no punches. You will experience TRUE variance. This is when I realized that no matter how great I was at writing workouts, my biases would always show up. There is no hiding from any movement on the main site. Ring handstand push-ups? Let’s do it. L-sit rope climbs? Sign me up. 1 rep max of the split snatch? Here you go, seven sets of 1 on a Tuesday. 

Now, sure, most people can’t do those things. However, that has NEVER been the end of the discussion. The benefit lies in PRACTICING these things. The pay-off in doing so is worth it. I am probably NEVER going to do a clean and jerk of 300 pounds, but if I stop trying to get stronger, my fitness as a whole will take a major hit. If I only stick to body weight movements, my development as an athlete will be hindered. 

The main site is TRUE CrossFit. Couplets and triplets. Lift heavy regularly. Go long once in a while. The shiny new toy in the fitness world has always been “what gets me the quickest results?” People have been trying to minimize their time in the gym for eons and they should want to. How can I make sure that I’m getting the most bang for my buck each day if I’m only training 1 hour? True variance. The main site.


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