The CrossFit Program versus The CrossFit Gym

CrossFit is somewhat of a chameleon in the sense that you can say the word “CrossFit” but be talking about a myriad of different things. There’s CrossFit HQ which puts out a ton of content, runs all the seminars and protects the brand by wielding lawsuits over anyone who uses the “CrossFit” name without paying for the rights. There’s CrossFit, the actual fitness program, which has been putting out workouts online since 2001. The methodology that started a fitness movement and revolutionized the industry. And, then finally there’s the CrossFit gym. 

What I wanted to discuss today was a distinction I had to make with a couple that was recently interested in joining the gym. CrossFit the program is free for anyone to use. You can buy some equipment, clean out your garage and be off and running. The utmost convenience of working out at home. You can put on whatever music you want and blast it as loud as your neighbors can tolerate. The problem is your couch and tv or your bed and tv are just in the next room. There’s that box of oreos in the pantry and you just remembered your favorite Netflix series just dropped a new season. The other problem is that no one is there to ensure you’re moving properly. Injury rate goes up and there’s no one there to push you to just the right limit to ensure you’re getting results as quickly but as safely as possible. There’s a fine line there. 

The CrossFit gym is a recurring cost sure, but there’s a professional coach who understands exactly how movement should be done watching your every move. The workouts are thought through carefully to ensure everyone reaches the right stimulus. If you’re working through an injury, that has also been taken into consideration. The coach will show you exactly what you can do to work through so that you can keep working out and not end up completely out of shape while you’re nursing it. The coach will also push you. This is something you just won’t do on your own. 

The CrossFit gym creates an environment that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. It brings together a group of like minded individuals to foster growth. Human beings are naturally inclined to be part of a tribe. We evolved as such. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group.” We can go fast for only so long.


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