CrossFit Virilis April 2024 Member of the Month: Fancy Wood

Meet our one of a kind Member of the Month, Fancy Wood.  Fancy is one of the first people to welcome new members into class, even when she isn’t serving as an ambassador, which she was one of the very first!  She is sassy, funny, kind and makes every class fun!  She hates burpees, and will loudly profess that fact to the class, as we are all doing burpees, but she is only saying what we are all thinking.

If you get to know Fancy on a personal level, you understand what a kind, authentic soul she is, and to know her is to love her.  She has inspired so many people to find fitness for themselves, and for no one else.  Read ahead to learn more about the wonderful Fancy Wood!  

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
 It will be 3 years in June!!!
What’s your favorite workout?
What’s your favorite movement?
Kettlebell Swings are my jam.
Why do you do CrossFit?
I originally began to loose weight.  Now I go to prove to myself that I can be fit at any size.  
What meal could you eat every day for the rest of your life?
Not necessarily a “meal” but a food I could eat everyday without consequence….CHOCOLATE!!!
What has CFV helped you do, achieve?
CFV changed my perspective on my own life. I’ve never had people in my corner who genuinely want me to succeed for no other reason than for ME to see myself succeed. That kind of confidence is what I’ve been lacking my entire life. I cannot thank them enough for the encouragement they give me every day.
If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?
It’s hard to choose just one, so I’ll share my top 2.
1) Marilyn Monroe- to tell her she’s more than just her beauty.
2) JonBenet Ramsey!!!!! I have to know who did it.
Top three favorite movies.
1) Goodfellas
2) Hope Floats
3) Griswold’s Christmas Vacation
What makes you the happiest?
Watching my daughter paving her own path in life. Oh, and weiner dogs!
Anything else you want to add?

I love the community that CFV provides. I never in my life thought I would meet so many amazing humans at a CrossFit gym, but here you all are! Tanya- THANK YOU. You asked me a question the first day we met, that I never asked myself. “Can you do this for 30 days, for yourself?” I hadn’t thought about that before. Can I do it for MYSELF and no one else? That has been my driving force since then. I do it for me. If anyone is on the fence, climb over and do it for yourself too. You’re totally worth it.

To learn more about members like Fancy and how you can commit to your own health and fitness, set up a time to talk with us!

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