The Animal Games

I saw this on social media and I thought I would throw the question out to you guys for some fun discussion instead of a blog this week. If there was a CrossFit Games for animals, what 3 animals would podium? I know almost nothing about animals, so I will keep my thoughts brief and let you guys fight this one out. 

I think some kind of primate would have to be on the podium for sure. They’re just the most like humans and that naturally lends itself to all the movements we do. I will say the gorilla needs to absolutely be in the top three. 

After that, I think it gets tricky and speculative at best. Again, I am no animal expert so my 2nd pick will be a cheetah. Cats are lightning quick and they can jump pretty well, too, which lends itself to any running event or jumping event. I know the cat doesn’t have thumbs, but they would almost surely win any running event, so those first place finishes alone would be enough to get them on the podium, I would think. 

My last pick would be a bear. I’m just looking for anything that can stand upright like a human, and the bear is the only thing coming to mind right now. A bear can move heavy things for sure. I’ve heard they’re pretty fast, too, so I think it’s a safe pick. I’m not sure about his propensity for moving his body being as big as he is, but I think I can get away with him just having some human like qualities. 

Those are my three picks. We would love to hear y’alls thoughts, and if there is an animal expert amongst you, please feel free to school me!


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