Return of the Basics

I love the Spurs. I love everything about the organization and the way they go about their business. It’s no nonsense. It’s militant. It’s leave your ego at the door. There’s been dozens of interviews and articles written about the Spurs and their organization, and I’ve read and heard just about all of them. When choosing players, a strategy utilized by the scouting department is to ensure the players they select have “gotten over themselves.”  

When we started the gym, our philosophy was to do the same. To foster a community that did what was necessary to reach goals and not have an ego about things. In that same light, the thought process for programming pushed us toward the main site. has been putting ONE workout a day up on its homepage EVERY DAY since 2001. There are THOUSANDS of workouts there. 

Some of you may not be aware, but CrossFit HQ does NOT dictate what program a gym has to use. A lot of gym owners “outsource” their programming to more established gyms and programmers. Some gym owners write up their own programming and feel a great sense of pride in it. 

However, when opening the gym it seemed to me that the least bias, least amount of ego way to go about programming was to recognize that the mold had already been broken. Coach Glassman, the founder of the CrossFit methodology, was and is a genius. There was no point in our own attempt at reinventing the wheel. Were there workouts that used different disciplines beforehand? Yes. Did interval training exist before CrossFit? Yes. However, NO ONE had ever taken a barbell and a pull-up bar and said, “Perform this effort as fast as you can and I’m going to time you. Then tomorrow, we’ll come back and try it again and see if you got faster.” 

The main site is the original mastery of programming. One workout a day. No fluff. No shiny objects. Just pure CrossFit. So, we follow the mastery of it from years back.

Currently, we are going through a rededication to the basics. 30 days of the 100 words of fitness if you will. “Similarly, MASTER the BASICS of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climbs, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstands, pirouettes, flips, splits and holds.” 

It is via this mastery of the basics that ALL the shiny objects that have eluded you will manifest. Kipping pull-ups, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups, toes to bar, and more. All of that begins with a strict pull-up. 

So, show up. Learn and perform the basics. As the saying goes, “The novice practices until he gets something right, but the master practices until he CANNOT get something wrong.”


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