Festivus: Airing of Grievances

The holidays are a time of joy and giving but they can also be a time of frustration dealing with family and all the responsibilities of hosting during the holidays. So, instead of writing a blog about some health or fitness topic I decided I would just hop up on my soapbox to discuss topics prevalent in the health and fitness community. Consider this my “Festivus” airing of grievances.

Grievance number 1: The Instagram models that post their workout routines non-stop are NOT fitness experts, nor anywhere close to health experts. Sure, they understand how to do exercises for their butt, however, there’s no way that workout routine is going to take a 45-year-old woman who’s overweight to a fit, able-bodied human. Yes, they look good. So do celebrities who have surgery done and it is likely that some of them have also had some work done, I promise.

Grievance number 2: Eating meat is NOT destroying the planet! This is an unsubstantiated claim yet and the vegetarians/vegans have been fairly pushy and aggressive about their claims. Anywho, what’s destroying the planet is how many cars/delivery 18 wheelers are on the road now due to e-commerce. That’s the carbon that’s destroying the planet, not the one that emits every time a cow dies or however it works.

Grievance number 3: The negative attitude about workouts we all have. Example, “Oh, I suck. I can’t do that workout as prescribed,” or all the memes that get posted about how we hate doing thrusters or burpees or riding the assault bike. I know it’s all in good fun but that stuff bleeds into your self-confidence. This then pushes that negative mentality about workouts, “Man i have to do how many squats today? Ugh.” I’ve had two surgeries within the last year and when I was disabled there was nothing more I wanted than to be able bodied. There’s people who can NEVER do pull-ups. So no you don’t HAVE to, you GET to. Be proud and thankful for your abilities. And going back to the whole self-confidence thing, I’ll leave y’all with a great quote I heard a while back. “Don’t doubt yourself, the rest of the world will do that for you.” I know that’s not really the case in CrossFit gyms but still, believe in yourself.

Okay, hopping back off my soapbox now. Go forth, and be great.

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