Say Hello to Yet: A Vocabulary Lesson for your Fitness and Life

What’s in a word? A lot.

Every day, there is a zero percent chance I could casually keep track of the number of times I hear the word, “can’t.” I don’t think it’s a four-letter word, but if we learned how to remove that apostrophe and the letter t from our language OR add the word yet after them, the world would be a better and more confident place.

Belief in others seems to come much easier than belief in self. Each day around the gym (and in other aspects of life, too), women, men, and kids alike are encouraging each other, telling each other the other can do it, and cheering each other on. It’s incredible and such a motivating environment. Humans helping other humans not just think they can do it, but literally telling them that they know they can. The community hits. The air is different – it builds others up.

And then a tiny thought creeps into the brain and a tiny word comes out of the mouth that makes one think twice about their capabilities. Words matter. As soon as someone says they can’t do something, I ask them to rephrase their sentence or try again. Sometimes, they look at me like I’m crazy and don’t quite know what I’m talking about. Those are the times that we teach about “yet.”

Just because you can’t do something today doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to. Just because you can’t do it today, tomorrow, or in a week doesn’t mean that you won’t get it in a month or two. Focus on what you can do and know that that pull-up you’re working toward is just something you can’t do yet. You want a muscle-up, but can’t do it yet? Work on your pull-ups. Enjoy the process. But include yet into your process rather than perseverating on why you haven’t or allegedly can’t achieve it.

Same thing goes for life outside the gym. Did you know that you once couldn’t walk? Once couldn’t talk? I bet you do now. Did you ever second guess if you’d graduate, get your first job, make a good meal, have one of the bunches of talents you have? Now, I’d ask – do you have any of those things now? That means you COULD and you DID.

The more you tell yourself you can’t, the more you’ll continue to believe it.

One more time – words matter. So, speak the ones into existence move you forward instead of holding you back. You’re a badass who can do hard things. Keep adding more of them to your list and be proud of what you’re doing on the way. And tell all those ‘ts in your head to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

To the can’t yets, the cans, and the working-on-its. Let’s keep going.



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