How to Change “I Can’t” into “I Can”

Maya Angelou said: “You can only become great at that thing you’re willing to sacrifice for.” 

“I suck at double unders!”  “I just can’t get a bar muscle up!”  “I just can’t seem to string together chest to bar pull ups!?” 

During his third season with the Lakers, Kobe Bryant suffered an injury to his shooting hand.  The big problem was when the hand healed, it was changed, and he no longer had the same touch on the ball.  He worked to correct this over the summer by making 100,000 shots.  Yes, making, not taking.  

How many times have you heard or even said one of those statements above?  Well, I hate to break it to you, but you can, it’s just a matter of priorities.  If you have 5 minutes each day or even 3 times a week then you CAN master that elusive movement.  Let’s be real for a moment; we make time for what’s important to us. In the world of CrossFit, the WOD isn’t a time to practice, it’s a time to perform and as long as we maintain the mindset of getting it one day in a WOD, it will continue to be elusive.  Hear me out, I’m not saying you need to move to two-a-day workouts!  I’m saying take an extra 5 minutes before or after the WOD and commit to skill development.  If you want double unders, then take 30 days and practice 5 minutes each night before bed or pre- or post-workout. Take your phone, set a timer, hit up Pandora and play some great tunes to help pass the time. 

This doesn’t mean that you beat yourself up if you miss a day, nor do you punish yourself by doubling the time the next day.  However, you are accountable and admit you missed a day.  Just pick up the rope the next day and keep spinning. It helps if you have someone who you can tell whether you practiced or not. 

Want a bar muscle up?  Commit yourself to 3 times a week to work on pull-ups negatives. The worst possible result will be that you have dramatically improved pull-ups. Many times that will be what fuels you to continue until you get it. It’s when we don’t see progress that we get discouraged and that’s why we sometimes skip the WODs that remind us of what we haven’t mastered. 

If you’re lost on where to begin, schedule a Personal Training session and let one of our coaches work with you.  As coaches, we’ve had and still have things that we are working on, so we understand the frustration that can come from just wanting to get that one thing down. Truth be told, we get no greater joy than to see our members hit PRs and master movements because we know how much it means to get that win. What it comes down to is that we want you to be the BEST version of YOU and help you build the confidence to do more with your beautiful life.


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