Workout and Meal of the Week

3 Rounds
800m run
Rest 2 minutes

This is a very simple workout that can be done on a track. Interval workouts are a big part of our program. We like intervals because they allow for a high level of effort which results in a high level of intensity. These 800m runs are meant to be done as fast as possible especially since they are followed by a 2 minute rest period. This is a great way to put your body through the fastest mile and a half you’ve ever done without actually running a mile and a half time trial. Hit each one as hard as possible and record the total time it took you to complete all 3 runs!

Meal of the Week

This is a simple combination of something we advocate a whole lot of. Meat and vegetables. This is a meal consisting of 112g of steak, 400g of roasted brussel sprouts and 104g of roasted sweet potato. This meal is exactly 28g of protein and 36g of carbohydrate. Again, we like this balance because if provides us with a minimal insulin spike in our blood sugar. The amount of vitamins and minerals in this meal is also unreal. It has more than any one supplement of vitamins could possibly offer in multiple servings.