CFV March Member of the Month: Allison Harley

Allison Harley is our CFV Member of the Month, and we’re so happy to highlight her! Allison works hard in and out of the gym. She’s a joy in the gym and brings positivity and happiness with her, wherever she goes! Get to know more about Allison below!

How long have you been doing CrossFit?  
My first session was in September, but I still had my Golds membership, so I wasn’t “full time” until Dec 2017. 

What is your favorite CrossFit workout and movement?  
Grace and power cleans! I love me some deadlifts, but I also like bench press now, since taking the class Aly and Jobie taught in January and learned proper form.

What do you love most about CrossFit Virilis and CrossFit, in general?  
I love the coaches! They motivate you and help with proper technique – they push me further than I ever thought I could go but are also good at modifying movements when needed. I also love the community and friendships I’ve made since starting. Love my 6am and 6:30pm crews!

Name your top three favorite movies?  
1. Legally Blonde
2. The Holiday
3. Elf

What is the Allison’s lifestyle like outside of the gym?
I bought a new house! So still decorating and making it my own, just spending time with my family and friends, I have two dogs (Brownie and Speckles), going to the movies, concerts, painting and being crafty. I love helping people, so volunteer work is a big part of my life. 

What makes you the happiest?  
Helping people.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
Barn door.

What is your favorite quote to inspire, motivate, or make you think?
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

What’s your favorite sport & team?
Sports: basketball Teams: Texas Tech, Spurs and Rangers

Can you share about the impact that CFV has had on you both in and out of the gym?
I have gone from looking at what others do and saying “I’ll never be able to do that” to thinking “one day I’ll get there” – I keep track of my own goals/achievements and feeling proud of how far I’ve come. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am one of the ones who judged CrossFitters for the longest time. I didn’t understand the functionality in the movements and just thought they were a bunch of meatheads doing ridiculously hard stuff and were damaging their joints/bodies with the heavy weights. Also, I was worried about being judged for not being able to do everything the others could. I finally caved when my friend Jana told me just to try it because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in a typical gym – even with a personal trainer (which is SUPER expensive by the way). After my first workout at the 8:30 class, I went to my truck and, not gonna lie, definitely cried a little. The challenge of the workout, the intensity, the help from Jobie and the encouragement of the others at the 8:30 class was exactly what I had been craving. I remember doing a run (which I hate running) and wanting to quit and then, Amanda, ran by, gave me a high five and said “you got this, just a little further” – it just helped me keep pushing.