The CFV Impact: Stephanie Hagan

I joined Crossfit Virilis the summer of 2015. Before CrossFit, I bounced around to all the gyms struggling with my asthma to stay fit and not get bored with routine. I did a one week trial at Virilis and loved it! It was refreshing to feel welcomed, encouraged, and challenged at my level of fitness.

At CFV, I’ve learned the importance of stretching and flexibility, and how it would improve my movement and strength. I’ve learned the importance of nutrition, and how it can affect my asthma. Also, I learned how good I could feel by eating clean.

I’ve learned how much stronger I can be by pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Not only the coaches, but also the members of the CFV family have taught me these things. Everyone works at their own level, pushing and encouraging each other.

CrossFit has brought out this competitiveness with myself. There’s this never-ending growth that exists no matter how long you’ve been doing CrossFit. There is always something to improve on, and it’s exciting each time you hit a goal, PR (personal record), or learn a new movement.

I’ve become more fit within these past two and a half years at CFV than the 5 years I spent in globogyms. I’ve never been a fan of cardio, only wanting to weightlift, but now I enjoy a good run. Pull-ups and handstand push-ups were things I never thought I could do, and now they’re things I look forward to doing because I know I can! This new knowledge of nutrition not only helps me but also the struggles I have with my oldest son and his eating disorder (Prader Willi Syndrome). My diet stays clean 85% of the time, because I’m aware of what it does for my performance. And who doesn’t want to feel good?! I’ve learned how much food can impact your overall well-being. 

People stop and compliment me or ask what I do or what gym I go to all the time. Hard work and dedication shows, and I’m always glad to share my love of fitness and CrossFit Virilis. I think it’s important for people who have never experienced CrossFit to understand that anyone can do it at any level of fitness. Our lives require physical movement – things like taking care of our families,  household chores, carrying groceries, and even just getting in and out of bed – and that’s why we need to be fit. When walking into CFV, you will meet a team of like-minded people, all here for the same reason as you, wanting to be healthier, live a fit life, and feel better than we ever have before.