Real Fitness Begets More Fitness

I realize the title of this may sound obvious – in the sense that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. It’s like if I said, “Smoking cigarettes can cause lung cancer.” Not exactly a breaking news headline, but sometimes it’s good to hear a message in a slightly different way.

I’ve spoken about being consistent with your workouts on our blog before; it’s definitely something you have to do in order to get more fit. You have to workout. No secret there either. However, what kind of working out? Yes, I own a CrossFit gym, and I believe it to be the greatest fitness methodology ever construed, but am I going to go and drag strangers in off the street? If I thought it was going to make someone actually join our gym, possibly, but as we all know you can’t force someone to do something.

There’s nothing wrong with your 30-minute cardio session every day or every other day, followed by your moderate weight training that takes place. The worst place to be is on the couch doing absolutely nothing. I am a big proponent of live and let live, but it’s absolute fact now – if you aren’t doing some kind of exercise consistently, you’re more than likely going to develop some form of chronic disease. That is a fact. I am not saying you have to be doing CrossFit, but is your current workout routine really giving you everything you want out of your fitness regimen?

I know for a long time I thought I should look a little more lean than I was for as much as I was working out. The fact of that part of the equation for me was the nutrition aspect. I had to dial things in there if I wanted to be a little leaner and as we’ve discussed, that’s going to be the truth of the matter for most of us. But, the other thing I always felt like my workout should do for me is make me better at sports or make me better at some recreational hobby I decide to pick up. I would love to be able to try rock climbing and just flourish at it right out of the gate. I like going hiking on occasion. What if you wanted to climb a mountain? Would you be prepared physically? I firmly believe our fitness regimen should enhance all of our abilities towards the physical things we aspire to do in our lives. This is where life is lived, in experiences.

My dad used to tell me all the time that one of the best qualities a person can have is to be able to talk to anybody about anything. I don’t know about you but I would certainly love to have a conversation with someone about climbing Mt. Everest or something like that. You should be able to go out and learn to surf if you want. You should go mountain biking if you want. And, if you want to do those things, you should be prepared to do those things. Make no mistake about it, your fitness regimen can absolutely aid in that. Is yours doing that? I don’t know. I do know if I wanted to go learn how to rock climb right now I would more than certainly be prepared to handle any physical component of it.

I’m not saying you should be doing CrossFit but what if you FIND OUT you should be?