About a year ago or so, a movie came out called “Tag,” and it’s based on the real life true story about a group of friends who play a game of “tag” every May. They started the game when they were in middle school, and they just continued the tradition into adulthood and even middle age. You can actually read all about the true story HERE.

The movie focuses on four friends whose sole focus for this month is to “tag” their friend that’s never been tagged. It’s a pretty funny movie, and although the ending is a little morose, I recommend giving it a watch. The ongoing theme of the movie, however, is this quote that the five friends live by: “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.”

This is something that I think translates a lot to people as we develop in years. We all perpetuate this idea that once you hit a certain age that it’s time to stop doing physical things and it’s time to just sit around, watch The Weather Channel and eat doughnuts for breakfast. And we just concede the fact that it’s time to “stop playing.”

CrossFit has kind of flipped this notion on it’s head. And, being as that I just turned 30, this was always something that drew me to the program. It wasn’t something I could do in my 20s and then have to give up. Sure, I may not always lift as heavy or do some of the same challenging body weight movements that I was once able to but I can still do SOMETHING. I never really bought into just because I’m older I have to take it easy. I’ve always loved playing sports and being able to do that means I have to stay in shape. 

The child inside of us is always there; we just have to allow ourselves to play again. I’m not saying you have to go round up a group of friends and play tag right, now but movement is what’s going to keep you young. Don’t just concede decrepitude because you’re a certain age. I know of a masters athlete that does a certain amount of muscle ups every year for his birthday…he’s in his SIXTIES now. Age is always going to just be a number, it depends on what you do with it that really dictates how old you are.