Workout and Meal of the Week

Workout: “Jack”
20 min As Many Reps As Possible
10 push press (115/75)
10 kettle bell swings (53/35)
10 box jumps (24/20)

This is what we call a “hero” workout in CrossFit. They have a little more special meaning than our typical workouts as they are made in remembrance of a soldier, police officer, or firefighter who was an avid CrossFitter. This workout consists of three movements and is 20 minutes in duration. If you have a barbell and some weight, a kettle bell and a box to jump on you can perform this workout. The workout will begin with ten repetitions of what we call a push press. This is where you will take your barbell from your shoulders to above your head via a dip from your legs and then rapid extension of your knees and hips and followed by a press overhead. All ten repetitions will be done as so without setting the bar down if possible. The next exercise is what we call a kettle bell swing. You will stand with the kettle bell and initiate the movement by slightly bending your knees and throwing your hips back. You will rapidly extend your hips followed by a pull with your arms in which you direct the kettle bell overhead. The last movement is the most simplistic and that is the box jump. You will simply stand in front of a box that you feel comfortable jumping on and jump via a two foot take off and land on the box. You will complete ten repetitions of this movement as well. The goal is to complete ten repetitions of each exercise as many times as you can in twenty minutes. 

Meal of the Week 

This is a very simple breakfast that takes roughly 10 minutes to make. It is 3 eggs and 41g of raw chorizo. It is also 135g of a banana. We strongly recommend to weigh and measure food to ensure you know exactly how much of each macronutrient you’re taking in. We know due to the measurements that this meal contains exactly 28g of protein, and 27g of carbohydrates. This balance is something we strive for in all our meals as it allows for a steady blood sugar throughout the day. The more we can avoid rapid insulin spikes the better we can control any kind of unnecessary weight gain.