You Need More Meat

“The Big Short” is one of my favorite movies of all-time. It’s wonderfully done. The movie begins with a quote by Mark Twain that I find to be just perfect. “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The movie chronicles the 2008 financial collapse and just how wrong basically the entire country and world were, with the exception of a handful of people. 

The YouTube video that I’m going to be referencing throughout today’s blog didn’t bring to light some things that I thought were true that weren’t, but it did illuminate just how far down the rabbit hole some of our thinking has gone because of Big Soda-funded science. 

If you have time I STRONGLY recommend watching the entire thing. It was eye opening. If you don’t watch it all, here are the key takeaways:

  1. Vitamin A, D, K2 and B12 are essential for human beings. They play a vital role in health for a myriad of different reasons. These vitamins are ONLY found in animal foods. Can they be reproduced and taken through supplementation? Yes, but we have not found a way to make them as potent or absorbed as well as when they come from an animal source. 
  2. Human beings depend immensely on the proper formation and development of our bones as we age. The vitamins and minerals most commonly associated with this great development of our bones comes from animal foods. 
  3. We have to remember that modern agriculture and cultivation of fruits and vegetable techniques have only been around for 100 years. This is a VERY small amount of time in comparison with just how long humans have been roaming the earth. Only in the last 100 years have fruits and vegetables been made as palatable as they are. For the previous nearly 1900 years, the sweetest fruit or vegetable you would have found in nature was no sweeter than a present day carrot. This made animals, especially their fat, the preferred choice of energy for most human beings. Most fruits and vegetables back then were so rich in fiber, human beings stayed away from them because the fiber took too long to digest. 

These are the 3 main points I took away from the video. We have to remember just how much we relied on animals as we evolved. We used every inch of the animal and almost all of it provided the complete vitamin and mineral profile we needed to survive.There was even a brief mention in the video about how Native Americans would dry out the stomachs of cows and fill them with the blood of the cow to drink if they went long periods without finding water. The reason for this…ELECTROLYTES. 

People died young back then because of the elements. Living outside in winters, getting attacked by an animal or another person or some kind of natural disaster from which they couldn’t find shelter to survive. If they survived these catastrophic events, they largely lived to be very old. They also NEVER suffered from chronic diseases like coronary heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.

We have been told for so long that animal foods and more specifically red meat are terrible for us and that is largely shown to be wrong. Human beings evolved from eating animals and almost the entire animal. There’s still some cultures today that survive, with amazing health markers, solely on animal foods. The Inuits in Alaska are usually my favorite case study. These are people who live in the dead of winter year round. Some of them still live in igloos. These people live on just whale blubber. They don’t live in an area that can support crops. Yet, they have no history of CHD, diabetes or cancer. They regularly have citizens that live into their 100s. 

The main point? Let’s focus on less grains, sugar, and vegetable oils. More meat, chicken, fish, lamb, bison, liver, and heart. Does a body good. 

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