Ryan Ramos

Coach Ryan Ramos

Barbell Club Specialist

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate, CrossFit Mobility Certificate, CrossFit Football certificate, USAW Level 1 Certificate, Three years experience as Nutrition Consultant

Ryan’s fitness journey began from a rather eye-opening experience in the football weight room. Not being able to bench press a simple barbell and running possibly the slowest 40-yard dash ever really opened his eyes on the lack of physical fitness he had as a freshman in high school. With the demands of the sports Ryan played, he sought after a program that would allow him to better his physiological capabilities. CrossFit was that program. It allowed him not only to better himself as an athlete, but also paved the way for an undiscovered passion and therapy that he still carries to this day.

A couple of years into CrossFit, Ryan found his unique ability with the barbell, specifically with Olympic lifts. He was introduced to an Olympic Weightlifting Coach and then began his specialty. Since then, Ryan has competed in the 2014 Junior Nationals Championships, 2015 American Open, 2017 American Open Series I, 2018 American Open Final Series, 2018 University National Championships, and his most recent, the 2019 Senior National Championships. Ryan is in the top ten of the 73kg weight class. He has also trained under Team China’s 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist Jianping Ma.

Ryan is always keeping up with the latest research in the topics of training, supplementation, and biological advancement for the sake of providing the best coaching for athletes. To him, nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone accomplish their goals. He will always remind everyone that hard work and dedication will get you where you want to be.