Jobim Zapico

Head Coach

CrossFit Level 1 certificate, CrossFit Level 2 certificate, CrossFit Level 3 certificate, Kettlebell certificate, Weightlifting certificate, CrossFit preferred Gymnastics certificate, Scaling certificate, Anatomy certificate, and Spot the Flaw certificate

Jobie hails from the Valley of South Texas, and made his permanent home in the San Antonio/Schertz area in 2012. With more than 10 years of coaching experience, his focus and drive create an environment where the key to each day is becoming better, focusing on simple improvements and helping others to do the same. His ability to establish meaningful relationships with people and hone in on coaching to strengths is what creates the foundation for success.

From college students to corporate executives and every type and personality of a person in between, Jobie has worked with individuals both short- and long-term to coach them in becoming the best possible version of themselves.

On a daily basis, Jobie crafts the programming for members and continues to enhance his skills on the best ways to coach. He develops goal-setting tactics to help each of the members find their pathway to achieving greatness in their lives, physically and mentally. Jobie seeks to make CrossFit Virils a part of the fabric of the tri-county community in Schertz. He works each day to impact positive change, enhancing the capabilities and success of each person he coaches.