Jacob Tran


Jacob grew up and lived in Cibolo all of his life, graduating from UTSA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently a Doctoral student in Occupational Therapy at UTHSCSA.He began his fitness journey in his freshman year of college, wanting to change his lifestyle and health. Not knowing anything about fitness or working out, the intimidating yet exciting journey began within the garage of his home, where he first executed dumbbell presses on top of a jet ski as his ‘bench’. He would honestly and 100% say it was a prayer answered to remain disciplined and dedicated, as the thirst for knowledge and research in ‘getting in shape’ and weightlifting, did not come naturally and his many years of inactivity created a fun, yet challenging uphill battle to see to his goals. Reading into the physiology and nutrition behind working out and pursuing weightlifting became a whole new interest he never saw himself enjoying! Since then, he has been weightlifting and became your typical ‘gym rat’, switching/experimenting different, bodybuilding training routines, experiencing his first ‘amateur’ years of training others, and preparing for athletic undertakings such as completing four Spartan races, accomplishing the brutal Trifecta.

It wasn’t until after completing the Spartan Races that he realized training for a purpose beside muscle gains began to really take root. Though it was fun training to get ‘swole’ there was a huge applicational piece in training that he longed for, and that though passion for lifting weights was maintained, there was no day to day functional application to why he worked out. Thus, enter the word fitness; the fitness aspect of what he was looking for (and even unknowingly was engaging in by changing different routines) was something he aspired to grow more holistically in, such as not strictly becoming strong from weightlifting, but striving to be faster, striving to be more agile, striving to be more mobile, and so on. An athletic preparation that fueled excitement and drive to ensure that he could take on more athletic (and applicable) demands life threw at him, thus, constantly challenging growth for a more exciting and useful purpose. Little did he know, CrossFit was where he was going to grow in a lot of these concepts, and having done it for just about 2 years, he doesn’t hesitate to say it has changed the way he views fitness and functional movement as a whole. He greatly sees the beneficence in integrating his knowledge/experience in weightlifting, concepts from his degree, and current knowledge in Occupational Therapy, to helping others grow stronger and wiser in their fitness pursuits.

Most importantly, Jacob is passionate about Jesus and strives to walk by faith every day in seeing how his relationship with God, as a Christian, guides his passion and love to help and enjoy and share fitness with others all for the glory of Christ to Whom he attributes all his successful and productive lifestyle in fitness and health. His favorite verse is Psalm 34:8, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is he who takes refuge in Him.” Jacob has no doubts that joining the CFV family is huge blessing in his life, and looks forward in serving the AWESOME athletes in getting healthier, stronger, and wiser in their fitness journey.