The Performance Enhancer You Aren’t Taking Enough Of

We are always looking for an edge. That boost to improve performance. Whether it’s protein or amino acids or some kind of pre-workout drink, we’ll take just about anything to get results faster. Well, there’s one performance enhancer that can do all those things that we all take, but we aren’t getting enough of it.


Yes. Sleep is without question the single greatest performance enhancer and most, if not all of us, are just choosing to get less of it. Here are some facts we know about getting enough sleep. 

It improves testosterone function. A study done by the University of Chicago showed that people who were getting 6 hours of sleep or less per night were producing the testosterone levels of someone 10 years older than them. So, if you’re already 40 and you’re sleeping inadequate amounts, you could actually be functioning closer to 50 which would explain the fatigue during the day and lack of energy in the gym. 

It improves your immune system. A study done by the CDC revealed that just ONE night of inadequate sleep, meaning less than 6 hours, showed a 70% reduction in what is called the “natural killer cells.” These are the cells largely responsible for fighting tumors or microbial infections. 

It also improves your cardiovascular function. Sleep studies have shown that when people fall into the last stage of sleep, deep sleep, their blood pressure and heart rate drop significantly. This effect has been deemed a natural blood pressure medication by sleep doctors. 

So, to recap, if you aren’t sleeping enough you will not produce enough testosterone, your immune system isn’t as likely to do its job, and you could increase your chances of having high blood pressure. You can have all that OR you can just find a way to sleep more. Less TV. Less phone. Less computers. No more Netflix binges. Sleep.


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