Redeeming Saturated Fat

In 1961, the American Heart Association published an article in “Time Magazine”. The title of which simply said “Cholesterol: And now the bad news”. The image on the magazine has become iconic. Two eggs with a strip of bacon making a sad face. Saturated fat and cholesterol began to get demonized and we were on our way towards the public health crisis we have today. 

In 1912, a paper was published in a medical journal by James B. Herrick which is believed to be the FIRST known medical description of a heart attack. NINETEEN TWELVE. 

Does that make it a certainty that this was the first known heart attack in human history? No. But think about this. If saturated fat and cholesterol are as terrible as we’ve been led to believe, and modern medicine has taken such insane leaps and bounds since 1912, then why is there no mention in any history book of an epidemic of heart disease before 1961? Because it didn’t exist. 

Human beings were eating animal protein, cooking with lard, animal fat, and butter for nearly two thousand years before the advent of corn or cotton seed oil (crisco). There had been zero recorded prevalence of heart disease. Then in the late 1800s/early 1900s, Procter & Gamble, along with other industrial companies, began producing mass quantities of the vegetable oil type cooking oils. Procter & Gamble funded the American Heart Association in the late 1940s and began making a strong marketing push to demonize saturated fat and cholesterol. President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in 1955 and “Time Magazine” published the false study in 1961 and the war was over. 

Pretty soon thereafter abstaining from butter, eggs and bacon was as American as apple pie. Of course no one wanted to give up apple pie though. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 100 pound gorilla in the room was not saturated fat or cholesterol but instead industrial seed oils and sugar. The combination of the two was so potently terrible for our health that heart disease and diabetes went from virtually NON-EXISTENT in the early 1900s to the number one and two causes of death in America in just under a century. Think about that. Largely a rarity for nearly TWO THOUSAND YEARS to the number 1 and 2 causes of death in ONE FIFTH of the time. 

Life begins in the cell. It is the origin of any and all life forms. Inside the cell there are things called the mitochondria. I promise I won’t make this too nerdy. The mitochondria is responsible for all things energy oriented in the body. The mitochondria is in charge of producing ATP which is exactly what gets pumped out into your bloodstream to fuel any and all activity. 

Well, it turns out that vegetable/industrial seed oils actually DAMAGE a key part of the mitochondria. This in turn causes cells in the body to become oxidized which produces a harmful byproduct known as “4-HNE”. This byproduct has been directly linked to rapid aging, heart disease, diabetes, and alzheimers. Furthermore, vegetable/industrial seed oils are known to be EXTREMELY high in Omega-6 fatty acids. It is a FACT that Omega-6 fatty acids are HIGHLY inflammatory. Well, what do you think is going to happen to a human being when they combine something highly inflammatory with loads of sugar? They’re going to look like they’re entire body just got stung by a bee, yes. 

The constant dumping of sugar and these dangerous vegetable/industrial seed oils into the bloodstream also force the mitochondria to stop functioning normally. They lose their ability to perform cell respiration which is a key function of a healthy cell. When a cell is no longer healthy or functioning normally there’s only one thing it can do to keep from dying: turn into a cancer cell. 

Cancer cells are basically cells that learn to function without the use of oxygen through a process known as fermentation. MILLIONS of years ago before oxygen was readily available organisms on the planet had to survive without it. Fermentation is by and large the OLDEST process of living on the planet. Well, cancer cells are essentially just cells that have undergone fermentation and survive off of one fuel source: glucose aka sugar. 

The main point is that you don’t need to stay away from red meat, eggs, butter, lard, and bacon, but rather reduce or stop your use of vegetable/industrial seed oils and any products in the grocery store that have them (there are A LOT). And begin to reduce your intake to eventually eliminate (at least a majority of the time) of sugar or anything on a food label that ends in the letters O-S-E. 

To learn even more on the impact of vegetable and industrial seed oils, you can watch this clip

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