Living on the Margins

I’ve been weighing and measuring my food for nearly a decade. I do it Monday through Friday without fail. Every meal. I’m 32 years old now and am just as lean, if not leaner, than I was at 22 years old. I limit my alcohol consumption to just the weekends and other than holidays or birthdays, it’s usually two drinks max, even if it’s just beer (I prefer dark beer though, get outta here with Bud Light). I preface with this, because it always amazes me how quickly people will jump off the wagon in order to focus on trying to ride the unicycle. Let me explain. 

Weighing and measuring whole foods (meats, vegetables, fruits) is fool-proof. If you combine it with high intensity workouts and get good sleep, you will see results. It’s not a question of if, but when. So, why is it I get asked 20 times a day about: meal timing, fasted cardio, supplements, juicing? JUICING? Did you just get into a major car accident that forces you to eat your food through a straw now?! 

I don’t know why human beings are like this, but we are. We know what works. We know how to do it. But, rather than focus 80-90% on the thing that works 90-100% of the time, we would rather focus 80-90% on the thing that works 10% of the time. 

Are supplements going to get you results? I’m not sure to be quite honest. Is it possible you plateau doing fasted cardio? Yes, it certainly is. Is it likely that you’re not going to juice Saturday night when all your friends are going out? It’s 100% likely. 

The truth of the matter is weighing and measuring real food and eating it is a difficult change AT FIRST. However, habits take 21 days to form. Do it for 21 days. Don’t mess with it. Stop focusing on the things that MIGHT work. Be an adult and focus on what will work.

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