Fitness: The Hedge Against Sickness

These are scary times. I’m 30 years old and never in my life can I remember a time like this. I’ve never seen the grocery store completely out of things. I’ve lived in towns where severe hurricanes have come through and yet there were still plenty of groceries. Sure, the power may have gone down for a day, but there was still a way to get most resources. You could also go to restaurants and eat if you wanted. I’ve never seen a time like this. Shutdowns. Quarantines. And, yet, I myself know that even should I contract the virus, I’ll be okay. I’m not trying to downplay the severity of it. I’m more than sure it is something that I really don’t want to have, but I know my life won’t be at risk. I might get knocked out for a few days or maybe I’ll even be asyomptomatic like so many are, but my life won’t be in danger. And, the reason for that is my health and fitness. 


This lecture is over TEN years old. Coach Glassman came up with this idea in what now seems like a lifetime ago considering the rate at which things are changing today. People have long known fitness was related to health, but nobody could properly articulate it. We would all know someone who worked out religiously, but maybe had cancer. And, as we humans do, we would consider this the rule instead of the exception. Our faulty logic on full display. Result bias as it’s known. Doctors even would say, “Well, yeah, you’re in shape, but man your cholesterol is really high.” And, never did we ponder to think if this person was really “in shape”. CrossFit’s definition of fitness revolutionized the fitness industry and the way we look at someone who is truly fit. Does having big muscles and no fat, like say a bodybuilder would, mean that person is fit? No. Those are nice correlates and I’m sure it’s a good start, but what if he or she can’t run a mile under 10 minutes? I’m sure that’s a commonality in a lot of bodybuilders. Fitness is work capacity across broad times in modal domains. How much load can you move a long distance in a short amount of time and not just for one thing but in everything. 


“Okay.” You must be saying. “But, how does this relate to health?” Glad you asked. I present to you now the sickness – wellness – fitness continuum. Please watch the whole thing and keep working on your hedge in these times of dire need to.  

We know you have time on your hands, so watch it here:

All that said, we want you to be fit, but we want EVERYONE to be as healthy as they can right now as we try to combat this virus. Practice social distancing, stay home except for the essentials (and when you do go out for food, support a small, local business), do what you need to do to flatten the curve. Any of us could be carriers, and just because you are fit or healthy does not mean those who you may be exposed to have the same bill of health. We’re all in this together, and we WILL get through it. We just all need to do our part, so we can get back to the things we loved doing before quarantining. Be well and safe.


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