Are You Doing CrossFit?

I suppose the best way to start this discussion is by going over exactly what is CrossFit? The actual definition put forth by Coach Glassman all those years ago was: constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. The standards were set and away we ran with it. However, we always seem to come back to this place year in and year out where the VARIANCE part of this equation is taken with a grain of salt. 

CrossFit the methodology insists on performing a workout from any and every methodology out there. In CrossFit, we do not ONLY perform CrossFit style workouts (couplets, triplets, chippers), we also perform powerlifting workouts, weightlifting workouts, rowing workouts. You name a discipline and we’re going to do it. This was the goal when the methodology was being created. We wanted a fitness that was broad, general and inclusive. We were looking for a pattern that had no pattern. 

If you’re ONLY performing CrossFit style workouts, as much as I love those myself, you are not doing CrossFit. If you’re ONLY performing lifting workouts be it powerlifting or weightlifting, you are not doing CrossFit. You can even take that a step further and look at exactly the type of couplets and triplets you’re doing or even the type of lifting workouts you’re doing. Are you only doing CrossFit style workouts that have a barbell and a bodyweight movement? Are you staying away from the workouts that are maybe just running and a bodyweight movement? Are you only performing 1 rep max workouts? Are you skipping out on the days that have sets of 5 or more? 

CrossFit is constant variance. If you are deliberately omitting things from your regimen, you are deliberately sabotaging your fitness. Once you have only a certain amount of workouts that you feel comfortable doing you have a blueprint for what you’re doing and its inverse is a blueprint for your deficiencies. Whatever you aren’t doing is where I know for sure you’re going to struggle. CrossFits aim was to get rid of that. Do CrossFit.

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