The CFV OG (Open Gym) Supplement: Week of 08.06.18

The OG Supplement will provide you with supplemental lifting, accessory work, etc. that you can work on (if you please) in open gym/after sessions. It will complement what we are doing in the workouts for the week as to not provide overkill, but more strength, bodyweight, etc. work. If you have questions, PLEASE ask.

OG #1 (Open Gym…or Original Gangsta, if you please) Supplement:

7 sets of 1 snatch
Work to your max load. 
Increase load each set (of 1). 

5 sets of 3 snatch balance
Warm up to a manageable set, then do 5 sets at that set weight.


OG #2: 

8 sets of 30-second hollow rock

8 sets of 30-second ring plank 

Rest as needed.



Benchmark WOD Nancy 

5 Rounds For Time
400 meter Run
15 Overhead Squats (95/65 lb)

Scale as necessary, as this workout is intended to be light & fast – high intensity! Record your weight and time! We’ll come back to this one! 


Try out: 

Hero WOD Collin: 
6 Rounds For TIme
400 meter Sandbag Carry (50/40 lb)
12 Push Press (115/75 lbs)
12 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
12 Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (95/65 lbs)