Workout and Meal of the Week

Workout of the Week: “Nukes”
In 8 minutes
Run 1 mile
Max reps deadlift (315/205)
In 10 minutes
Run 1 mile
Max reps power clean (225/155)
In 12 minutes
Run 1 mile
Max reps overhead squat (135/95)
For Total Reps

In CrossFit “hero” workouts are something that are very challenging physically and probably even more so, mentally. In this workout you will have 3 separate windows to do 3 separate iterations of work. The first window is 8 minutes long. In the 8 minutes you will run 1 mile and then with whatever amount of time you have left, you will deadlift as many reps as you can. If you cannot run a mile in less than 8 minutes, run as far as possible in 6 minutes. The goal should be to get at least 10 repetitions of a challenging deadlift weight. As soon as the 8 minutes are finished you will begin the second window which is now 10 minutes long. If you can’t complete a mile in under 10 minutes, run as far as you can in 7 minutes. Once you finish running, you will now complete as many power cleans as possible with the remaining time. This weight should be moderate. The goal should be roughly 15 repetitions. As soon as the 10 minutes are up, you will begin the last window which is 12 minutes long. If you cannot run a mile under 12 minutes, you will run as far as possible in 8 minutes. This time you will complete as many repetitions as possible of an overhead squat. The weight here should be light. The goal should be roughly 20 repetitions. 

Meal of the Week 

This weeks’ meal is a very simple combination of some ribeye steak, roasted carrots, dates, cashews and raw spinach. This is precisely 112g of steak, 340g of roasted carrots, 26g of dates, and an unmeasured amount of raw spinach. This meal measures out to exactly 28g of protein, 36g of carbohydrate and 12g of fat. The steak makes up the protein, the carrots and dates are the carbohydrates and the cashews are the fat. The spinach would contribute some carbohydrates as well but we didn’t throw in enough spinach that would warrant any kind of insulin response. We like these meals because they limit the amount of insulin that would get released and keep our blood sugar stable.