Workout & Meal of the Week III

Workout of the Week

AMRAP in 20 minutes of – 
10 strict handstand push-up
20 strict pull-ups
30 jumping alternating lunges

AMRAPs are great, because you are working to achieve as many REPS or ROUNDS as possible. This was a fun one, with a push & pull component, along with some jumping lunges to get your hamstrings and quads working. I always like to look at the clock after my first round to try to either maintain my pace throughout the rest of the workout or go just a LITTLE bit faster. This is a fun workout, as well, because you are really working a strength component, with both the pull-ups and handstand push-ups being strict (no kipping or added momentum). Modify, if needed, with some bands or less reps on the strict pull ups, or sub in ring rows. For the handstand push-ups, if you aren’t comfortable getting upside down, work those push-ups with a nice straight back and line of movement. Then, really move through those lunges, but keep breathing! We loved this one! 

Meal of the Week

Folks always say that it’s incredibly hard to eat well when eating out. Well, not always the case! While the meal we’re sharing this week IS a salad, you don’t HAVE to eat a salad to have a nutritious meal when you’re going out to eat. This salad from Rosella is awesome, because it includes a good amount of protein (the chicken & eggs), good fat (avocado), and some carbs (spinach and tomatoes). If you’re planning to have a salad at lunch, it’s not a bad idea to bring an extra apple, orange, or piece of fruit along with you (or order an extra side of fruit), to have a nice balance of protein, carbs, and fats. Always a great idea to order something balanced when going out to eat – another example may be a steak, sweet potatoes, and a side of avocados (or you can bring a small handful of cashews or almonds to eat after the meal as a great source of fat to balance things out, instead of the avocado). What do you love to order that’s nutritious & delicious when you go out? 


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