Kristin’s 3 Ingredients for Success in CrossFit

I didn’t grow up in an environment that encouraged physical activity or working out. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I grew up before medical studies were published about how harmful it is to sit in front of a TV for hours on end. My family loved TV; I loved MTV, Nickelodeon, and my Nintendo. So, that’s what we did – watched TV and played video games.

Fast forward 30 years and here I am…trying to find my way through my fitness journey. I’ve tried so many different roads and have finally found one that works – CrossFit! Reflecting on what’s different this time, I’ve identified my 3 keys to success.

1. Cost

Yep, you read that correctly. It’s no secret that CrossFit costs more than traditional gyms, that’s what kept me from joining years ago. But after I bit-the-bullet and joined anyways, I found that the higher cost actually motivates me to go to the box. It has more of an impact on my bottom-line (pun intended) if I don’t use my membership.

And not only does it motivate me to go, it motivates me to go more often. The more classes I attend, the cheaper it is per class which means I’m getting the best deal for my dollar.

2. Prioritizing

When I started my CrossFit journey 5 months ago, I told myself “Self, you are going to be successful this time.” Then it occurred to me that I couldn’t just want to make this work, I needed a plan. That plan was to prioritize me for me. Prioritize my health above other life events and activities.

Does this mean we quit those extracurricular things? Heck no. It means that I know every day I will be at the box from 4-5pm so if anyone has something at that time, I need to make arrangements. It means that I try to not schedule meetings and appointments from 3:30-5:30 or that I do weekend food prep for weeknight dinners.

Does this plan always work out seamlessly? Nope! But that’s ok because I just find another class time that works for that day. The point is, I know I’m going to a class that day and I’m going to find any way possible to get to that class.

3. Finding a Fitness Family

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name (bet you’re singing that song now…you’re welcome). CrossFit is that place! You’re not just another key-tag that scans in, you’re part of a family, a tightknit fitness community.

Joining CrossFit can be a bit intimidating, especially when working out with other women who have been doing it for years. Let me tell you, I have never met a more supportive group of women and men than those who work out at my box.

They want to see everyone do their best and get just as excited as you when you hit a PR or get that pull-up you’ve been working towards for months. They remind you of your accomplishments and give great advice. They come in just to cheer for you even when they have no intentions of working out that day (thanks Steph!). And, without even knowing it, they show you what’s possible with hard-work and dedication.

After a long process of many workout attempts and failures, I am thrilled to have found the perfect fit for me and am excited to continue to see the progress I will make with my new found success!