One More Thing

Stefanie Fulford, who has been doing CrossFit at CrossFit Virilis in Cibolo for just shy of a year asked to share about her CrossFit experience, so we’ve given her the floor to connect with you, our readers:

Let’s be real. Who has time to add one more thing to their already hectic schedule? If you’re like me, even trying to take a bathroom break in peace seems next to impossible! Somewhere in my day I’m supposed to carve out time to be a wife, mother of six, middle-school teacher, and chauffeur to all the different practices and sports which doesn’t leave me with much time for myself.

Occasionally, when I’ve hit a wall, my husband will draw a bath for me, close the door and let me soak for as long as I want. There were so many nights that my husband and I found ourselves exhausted on the couch watching Netflix and eating fast food. We were sacrificing sleep just to spend time with one another, and we were both constantly drained.

One of the great challenges I faced was what to do with the pressure and stress that our hectic, unhealthy lifestyle was causing. I finally found my “quiet place” where I could let things go and get refreshed and refocused. Enter CrossFit Virilis. Yes, I go to CrossFit to decompress! Sounds crazy, right? But seriously, it’s my time to escape the daily routine and have me time. I see it as more of an investment because the relatively short time I’m there has translated into greater energy, a solid diet and a physique that no longer makes me cry! Well, almost the physique part. (There are some days I still feel fat, but I know the progress I’ve made.)

Since I’m being honest, there are days it does feel like “just one more thing on my plate”, but once I step into the gym, I sigh a breath of relief and know I will be greeted by a team ready to kick ass in the workout. After it’s all said and done, laying on the floor trying to catch my breath I smile knowing I did something for me!

I’ve come to realize that if I don’t take care of me, it becomes much more difficult to care for the ones I love. The time I spend gives back to me, my family and the students I teach every day. So go do something for yourself today, because not only are you worth it, but the impact you make on every life you touch is worth it too!


If you have questions about my journey or how you can find your “me time” at CrossFit Virilis, email, slide into our DMs, or call 210.651.1047.