Health and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

It had been widely accepted for quite some time that you might be fit but could still end up getting seriously ill. The fallacy has been debunked but there are some things you should still know. Is it possible someone could be in really great “shape” and still get seriously ill? Sure, but this all depends on what your definition of fitness is. It has been proven that even though you may look good, it does not necessarily mean you’re fit.

What is fitness? CrossFit has a definition for it. If you choose not to accept it, that’s fine, but if you know a marathon runner who now has cancer, please don’t be perplexed. It’s very possible, and that person isn’t fit. Fitness is work capacity across broad times and modal domains. It is your ability to move large loads, long distances, and quickly. This means being capable of everything. You may look good, but if you can’t deadlift and run; I really hope you aren’t the person that has to lift a car off me and then run and get help should I ever get in a serious accident.

CrossFit advocates for a few things to aide in building this really broad and vast fitness. The nutrition plan of choice calls for eating meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. You might look good eating doughnuts and ice cream, but you may not be fit or healthy. Sugar can be a silent killer at times. You might run into a problem some time down the road. It hasn’t been proven that sugar can cause cancer, but it is a fact now that it will aide in keeping it alive. Cancer cells feed on glucose. The more you put in your body; I can only presume that something is going to happen eventually.

The fact that so many of us don’t get adequate sleep makes it difficult for us, as well. Your body repairs your immune system while you sleep. If you are constantly taking shots at your immune system with a poor diet, you don’t repair it with adequate amounts of sleep, and you aren’t building a REAL fitness base with your exercise regimen…it makes you wonder why more of us don’t get sick.

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