Why CrossFit is Worth Every Penny

We sometimes get some push back from prospective clients on why the cost of our program is what it is. We charge $150/month for unlimited access to our facility, as well as access to 30 sessions of semi-personal instruction per month. These are our one-hour sessions that are led by a Level 1 or 2 CrossFit certificate holder.

Now, the simple answer as to why we charge the rate that we do is that we are offering semi-personal training sessions. A personal training session at any commercial gym setting is generally $80/hour and that is on the low end. There are plenty of “trainers” in commercial gym settings that charge upwards of $120 for ONE hour of training. We potentially offer THIRTY hours for $150.

At this point one might recognize the incredible value there alone but some push a little deeper. We might get someone who says, “Yes, but I’m not receiving personalized attention.” To which I would say, “You absolutely are.” The group setting allows for a lot of things to happen, but it certainly does not take away from our ability to ensure that each participant is getting quality, one-on-one instruction. I cannot point to a single day in which a member at our gym did not receive some kind of one-on-one attention while they were attending a session.

The group session creates an opportunity for beginners to learn from experienced athletes. It also forces the experienced athletes to constantly be reminded of the basics of a movement and ensures they aren’t rushing past them. We hammer home the details to no end because that’s where the results are. Now, this might sway MOST if not all people interested in getting as fit as they’ve ever been but sometimes there’s still a few skeptics.

Generally, their last hold up is, “Well, I would like a personalized program, specifically tailored to my abilities.” To which I would also say, “That’s exactly what we provide.” CrossFit is a general physical preparedness program, which is to say, this is the BASIC things you should be able to do physically. The stuff EVERYONE needs. Are there workouts that are going to come up with things a beginner won’t be able to do? Absolutely. Hopefully, they come up for experienced athletes too or else we’re not doing a good job for them. We have never had a session in which there was an athlete that we didn’t specifically alter the workout for. Beginner, experienced, limited, you name it. We will always provide each member with a version of the workout that completely accommodates their abilities. 

So, let’s do some math now. $150/month. Let’s say you attend an average of 5 sessions per week. That would come out to roughly 20 sessions in a month. This would mean that you are paying $7.50 for one hour of quality personal training in a group of your friends where you learn, laugh, and challenge yourself. As opposed to $120 for one hour where you’re by yourself, probably doing something you could have easily taught yourself to do, with a college student checking in on you between Instagram posts.

You choose.